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Moving in or out or getting a large delivery?

All residents moving into and out of the building must first make a lift booking and leave a $200 cash deposit with Building Management at least 48 prior to your move. Please fill out and follow the instruction listed on the moving/lift booking form. Download Form

Building by-laws

To ensure harmony amongst the residents, there are certain rules (by-laws) residents must adhere to. These by-laws are created by you, the owners of the complex; they can be changed should the majority agree. You may not agree with all the by-laws but similar to other rules in society they must be followed. What may seem like an un-necessary by-law to you may be important to some one else. By-laws can be enforced by the buildings Strata Committee which can result in fines to residents. Building Management is instructed to follow up and report on residents that breach by-laws. A copy of the by-laws may be obtained directly from the strata manager or your property manager in case you are renting.

Building Management will contact you if you are in breach of any of the by-laws and advise you of the appropriate solution. This will give you a chance to rectify the breach prior to the Committee and Strata Manager taking further action in the form of formal notices and tribunal action. If you are unsure whether something may or may not breach the by-laws please feel free to contact Building Management on –


Residents should be aware of the amount of noise they produce as it can flow through to other apartments, particularly from balconies and courtyards. There are by-laws in place governing noise but in general residents should not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other lot owners at anytime.

If you are going to have a party where music may be a bit loud let your neighbours know beforehand and limit noise to within council guidelines. In general no noise after 10pm weeknights and 12am Friday/Saturdays, however excessive noise at anytime may be in breach of the buildings by-laws.

Please have consideration for your neighbours, if you receive a noise complaint apologise and turn the noise down, if the noise continues other residents may contact the police. Residents are encouraged to try and resolve noise issues with the offending party first before contacting the police. If you do not feel comfortable approaching the offending party please obtain the unit number and report to Building/Strata Management as soon as possible, preferably the next working day.

Repairs & Maintenance

The Owner’s Corporation is responsible for the repair and maintenance of common property. If you have a maintenance item relating to common property, (essentially the outer boundary of your apartment and all common areas), please report it to Building Management. Your request will be logged and the repair carried out as soon as practicable. Urgent repairs will be escalated, please inform Building Management if the repair is urgent. An example of urgent repairs would be:

– Loss of power to the building
– Heavy water leaks (Potential burst pipes)
– Fire

Building Management is only authorised to carry out certain repairs with out additional approval. Some repairs may require further approval from the Strata Committee due to their nature or cost. You will be advised if this is the case and in such instance resolution of the matter may have to wait until the next Strata Committee meeting for approval.


Residents wanting to renovate their apartment should first seek approval from the Strata Committee via Building Management. A renovation application form is available from this website in the forms section and there is further information regarding renovations in this document.
It is important that residents obtain approval for renovations as their renovation can affect other lot owners due to not only faulty workmanship (for example your new shower leaking into a neighbour’s property), but also by disturbing other residents due to the mess and noise created from the renovation. Conditions are imposed on renovations to minimise disruption to other residents and to ensure the work is carried out in a work-man like manner. Download Form